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There’s beauty in the struggle,

Ugliness in the success.

It’s not easy battling desolation and build up of stress. 

Try balancing a chip on your shoulder, 

and watching your dreams slowly fold-over. 

I guess “beauty” really is in the eye of the beholder. 


Mama, can you see ya baby girl out here shining? 

You think all your kids left you, and back home everyday you’re cryi...

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52 Pickup/ or; Diamonds over Queens

Your friends all wanna get with me, and I’m not really interested,

So I’m just gonna sit here with, my mind infatuated with you.

You’re the reason that I sleep so well, I’m sorry I can’t stop myself

I’m lost without the proper help trapped inside this hell missing you


Breathing was so easy when the dudes you met were sleezy

Now the quality is higher and you end up shining brigh...

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My Prenup with Destiny

I struggle so much with what I wanna say

I’m left picking up pieces of myself day after day

The pressure might increase, my life might go astray

But I keep my chin up, I got a pre-nup with destiny


Under no obligation, to place my faith in generations

got a strong dedication to make a mental correlation 

between the girls that I trust and all the lustful fornication

So I’m...

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Diamond Studded Land Mine

A beauty like no other, a diamond studded mine

You're explosive like a locomotive loaded with dynamite.

I'm fighting urges, setting charges, C4 on my mind,

This aesthetic assault of Sugar and Salt is one I idolize.


I fantasize about your voice, the thoughts you share and breed,

I'm surrounded by infinite choices like the boys surrounding Lindsey

And I'm dialed in to your cha...

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Girl Crazy for Attention

With so many different ways, to display my affection

I’m checking Pintrest and Instagram to find a selection

Of adorable gestures, unique approaches that mention

How you’re incredibly tempting, your presence has my attention


And you're the perfect receptacle for my mental imagery.

Listen Missy you're my muse, like Mona Lisa to Leo D.

It’s easy to see, I’m infatuated with the...

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