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Way Back Home

There’s always a way back home.

Maybe no one told you

But cement and brick last a long time,

Even when neglected.

You can disappear for a year or ten

Then come back again, to the street,

And watch history repeat

As memories breathe through old concrete.

And maybe it’ll seem strange to meet,

After all it was there I learnt life can be like

Spoilt conjoined...

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free verselovereflection


For two days and two nights we architect a megalomania

in defiance.  Disguised in stray abandon amongst oblivious streets.

Scavenging on Oxford Street you buy skinny black jeans and converse.

Just like mine. We shamelessly crawl sex shops for new toys

and sully Soho square’s benches with marijuana smoke. 

You recite poetry loudly, off the cuff of your duffle coat,

none o...

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lovelove poemlove poetryerotic poemerotic poetry

Grey Morning

She  awoke,

And thought to find in the dawn’s smoky gloom

Her  friend;

But when she touched his damp cheek

He asked, ‘Are we still in our roles?’

His shuddering breath betrayed

The cold question.

‘Yes,’ she answered kindly, ‘we are.’

But ... Oh … Oh!

The light was cruel.





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Winter In My Soul

Its cold outside

And Winter in my soul

The virgin snowfall numbs my thoughts

And my eyes and ears are frozen whole


Still cold and colder still

Passion frozen as passion will

And still the snowflakes fall

As silently as a snowflake tends to fall


As cold as cold can be

And the heat within means nothing

It’s the heat from a thousand words in moti...

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loveLove lostsplit up

In Your Skin

It’s a funny place here, in your skin. Why do you keep it
So very pale? Like a sail left out in the sun
For too long and then flown at the turning of tides,
Though it glides across all of the seas
Its beauty is gone.

Such a strange place here, in your skin.
Like an ivory sheet thrown
Over sharp bones, pale tones and fingers
Pointing blame at passers by of unknown crimes
In ...

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Ode To A Long Lost Lover

I don’t know if you remember me, we met thirty years ago

And made love in my council house flat

I remember the day quite well

And although I’ve never mentioned it, I was totally under your spell


We met for lunch in Manchester

And later I took you home

It was raining outside if I remember

But inside it was a beautiful day


We slipped into bed so easy


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loveLove lostloved


She has no beauty in face or form

Weighting the lightest heart

She deafens our spirits with silence

Filling the emptiness when we’re apart


She breaks the distant grey waves

Swelling pregnant with our loss

She destroys well intended footsteps

Muddying our paths that cross


She banishes happiness out of sight

Turning the natural to feel so wrong


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lovelove poemlove poetry

The Middle of The Night

When she wakes in the night she sticks out her elbows and lifts up her knees

That tends to let in a cool sort of breeze

So I pull back the sheets and cuddle up tight

When she stirs in the middle of the night


She’ll turn to her left and lie on her side

So I’ll do the same and cuddle up beside

But restless thoughts always turn me again

When I stir in the middle o...

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lovelove makingsleepnight

Should I tell her?

No regrets

I swear to you

not one.




a question in a text

a reply that fired a gun


fate’s bullet aimed straight

shattered my heart

another’s life saved.


If I had said yes

instead of no

would I still be alone now -

who knows?


Martyrdom – with a reward to come?

Or stupidity – my life coming undone?



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lovelove poemlove poetry

Rekindle cake (plus video performance attached at bottom)


Rekindle cake 
You take a teaspoon of wisdom, add two ounces of brave.
Then you extract the past and the now try to save.
Six drops of humble mixed with fine compromise
And then stir in to taste, as you look in her eyes
One cup of loves flour, and two knobs…………… who love.
Then you ask for some help from the chefs up above.
A sprinkle of ...

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lovereal lovehumilitytryingcourageheartsoul materecipecake

Choice or Dilemma?


You protest, “I’ll be dead in ten years.”

It may be truth, then I refuse to lose

you now to martyrdom, duty and obligation.

In our part-time love, lived in haste

Let me show you how we can recreate

A cherished, domestic simplicity.


A life to lead, not to be led and wasted

Blood ties will refresh and renew

an understanding that’s based in truth.


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lovelove poetry

Past Lives

I often wonder if I’ve lived before

And left this life but never closed the door?

I wonder if I’ve lived a different life before

Reborn to live and love again once more


I wonder if I’ve lived in ancient Rome

Or in war time London spent some time

Dodging V1s and Doodle Bugs

I can just imagine my lovers call when bombs begin to fall


That lover’s call in...

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former liveslifelove

'Cos it's the ones that love you

'Cos it’s the ones that you love,
that will hurt you the most.
Sometimes you wish they’d die
Because you can’t get cut by a ghost.

But that’s the voice of a coward
Like Ben Burnanke infront of congress,
Complexed wrongness
Leads to bong hits.

I’ve walked several times,
To Hell and back,
Old flame and fiery tendrils appeal
When there’s a storm on your back.

I’ll ...

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