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For two days and two nights we architect a megalomania

in defiance.  Disguised in stray abandon amongst oblivious streets.

Scavenging on Oxford Street you buy skinny black jeans and converse.

Just like mine. We shamelessly crawl sex shops for new toys

and sully Soho square’s benches with marijuana smoke. 

You recite poetry loudly, off the cuff of your duffle coat,

none of which either of us can remember, five minutes later.


The corner pubs blur into one large gin palace. You teach me

to drink Bombay Sapphire long and slow amongst hum and purr

of the local clowder. Your wasted state, the dark panelled wood

etched and knocked with emotion, holds a history unspoken.

A half drunk pint, you stare into dusty lights hanging low

casting a shadow of blurred memories onto your heart.


Bar Italia holds caffeined warmth to steady our squittened minds

yet we still flick our tails outside and you spray me stories

while the city darkens around us. I take in short sharp tokes

of others bemusement at our pretentious homeless existence.

Hare krishnas get ten quid on a whim while we sit in a doorway,

shivering our last joint before traipsing for a taxi alone.


What intoxicated us now makes us feral. Caged litter-mates

start to fight against the light in the stark hotel bedroom.

Pillow fighting without the pillows, we end up on the floor.

Your hands round my throat in dystopia or utopia - unsure.

I see a dark wild look in your eye I’ve not ever seen before

My head throbs, I defocus, and then you finally let go.


Kitten scramble onto bed, your hand winds round my ankle

Constricted by python arms sliding hard, and then fast  

tongue licks a trail up my spine.  You declare your predatory love.

Afterwards, kneading each other soft again we talk of marriage.

Barefoot on an Irish beach, me wearing off white, pre-Raphaelite.

I put that look out of my mind, shut my eyes against any warning signs.

City lights dim and in morning judicious sobriety, I feel just fine.


© Katypoetess 2013




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Nigel Astell

Mon 28th Jan 2013 16:12

A two day poetry bender which sounded like a wild wild wild time.

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Sun 27th Jan 2013 13:50

Well done Katy,an unique piece of verse,full of action and vivid descriptions.
"kitten scramble onto bed"
"you declare your predatory love ."
"You recite poetry loudly,off the cuff of your duffle coat."

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Anthony Emmerson

Sun 27th Jan 2013 12:56

Deliciously decadent Katy. You just need a little rock'n roll and you have the full set!

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 27th Jan 2013 12:28

Katy thanks!
I know I`m a bit of an old fart but-honest - after reading the rest of it, I`ve never read anything so hugely humorous as those last four and a bit lines

Thanks again.

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