Should I tell her?

No regrets

I swear to you

not one.




a question in a text

a reply that fired a gun


fate’s bullet aimed straight

shattered my heart

another’s life saved.


If I had said yes

instead of no

would I still be alone now -

who knows?


Martyrdom – with a reward to come?

Or stupidity – my life coming undone?


© Katy Hughes 2012

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 15th Jan 2013 18:22

Were you dressed while composing?
if not,please send snapshots that will
definitely shatter Mr.Wildes heart!

We loved it-the poem that is-ahem!xx

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Mon 14th Jan 2013 09:38

Loyalty & mateship. A devotion that covers and protects, even to one's personal loss & hurt. Admirable & noble even if it can feel or look like stupid martyrdom. Thanks for sharing.

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Nigel Astell

Sun 13th Jan 2013 15:59

No regrets
Sounds bullet proof
But I'm not sure.

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Steve Higgins

Sun 13th Jan 2013 10:18

Liked this katy,
my problem is usually the other way
If I had said no
instead of yes!
Best wishes, Steve

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