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Mind Over Matter

entry picture

Rock the raft like a lot of days when you’re sickening a flagon,

Watch your back when you walk away if you’re imprisoning a dragon,

Old friends suit the stone pants to feel they weren’t listless,

Most men use their own hands to build or burn bridges,

Slugging zombies ‘til they drop like they’re walking to the urn or box,

Putting poppies in their pots like they’re bodies in the perma...

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Big Sale-chapbookgrab the bull by the hornsholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Pathway to the Tesseract

Trepidate through sepulchers and save them an apology,

Estimate the integer and awaken the anomaly,

Slip an arrow in their boot when heaven knows gold isn’t rich,

Sipping sorrow like a soup with seven souls sold to the Styx,

Empresses fuck laborers last if they fuck haters with a shotgun,

Ravenous ruckus-makers ravage the muckrakers with the thought gone,

Agitate the notable with...

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2019AcrosticBig SalHolorimeSonnetStructureThe Tyrian Tesseract

Age of Ice, Undetermined Sex

entry picture

Staying where madness sits days with the

gutters bubbling if the skies are gone,


Playing a mammoth rib cage like a

motherfucking xylophone,


Sifting out the crickets from the

pool with their future final,


Kicking out the buckets like a

stool when we’re suicidal,


Rhyming like a lot and then flying ‘til we’re shot with the

Mayans in a plot while the sage...

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Big SalholorimeIce Age philosophyPatreonVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Brothers (Age of Discontent)


To search for steel like a caddy in the rain for more games,

I worked the fields with my daddy until the day the war came,

I climbed up with our fathers in an entry of strict fate,

I signed up at their office and was ready to ship straight,

I blessed a blouse with stitches white as the cover frayed in time,

I left my house and kissed my wife as my brother stayed behind.


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Big SalholorimememorialperspectiveVerisimilitude: Volume 1war

Men on the Moon

entry picture

A colder land in the snow will bleed through in the briar’s path,

I hold your hand as you grow and lead you to the brighter patch,

Seeping through libations and praying when the day came,

Keeping you hydrated and staying on my A-game,

Poured the cup in my eyes and I felt you feel the way I cry,

You’re the love of my life and I’d help you ‘til the day I die,

A set plan like an etc...

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Big Saldedicationfather & sonholorimeMars and backVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Dream Sequence #1

entry picture

To hold the gun like roses in an autumn that will bleed red,

A colder sun for Moses at the bottom of the sea bed,

Choosing notions from the thousands of the willing and the squealers,

Moving oceans like they’re mountains or they’re children of the killers,

Bait the quest with maiden sex and saggy tits or what it says now,

Laid to rest and paid to Death like labor next in the breaths...

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Big Sale-chapbookfree poetrysurrealismVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Atreus and Adonis

Atreus and Adonis etched upon the hieroglyphics,

Eden stoned its only gallows,

Lead us like we’re prophets destined for a FICO business,

Reasons honed from lonely fellows,

Headless horsemen eat the bones and call it all an alleyway,

Edifices broken seem at home in hollow halls and hellish days.


Oppressive and incessant as a lesson in the present,

A message from the heaven...

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Big SalDecember 2018free poetrylife as it happenstwo birdsVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Throw Your Gunz

entry picture

Idolize the great with the men and the heart thornless,

Canonize the snake at the end of the dark forest,

Skipping when we jump just to grow some balls and have a life,

Sitting on a stump in a coiled ball of sacrifice,

Bidding on the wrong division, giving up a mom’s decision to weigh it with the rope friend,

Hissing at the competition, pissing on the lawn envisioned to take it on t...

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Big Sale-chapbookfree poetryno contestVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Thank You

entry picture

The drama plays this rhyme as the rain falls in Baton Rouge,

I wanna take the time to explain all my gratitude,

A memory about days where a wish fed the fodder,

A centipede without legs or a fish dead in water,

The reward is the vision to afford for a minute with a lord or a lynchpin in a broken hall of dreams,

The support that is given is a fort to the living or a gourd to the stri...

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Big Salgratitudesupportthanks for everything

Castle in a Cove

entry picture

The treasures of a rhythm saved from the knaves

and their descendants on a fact list,


The feathers of a griffin made into blades

at the insistence of the blacksmith,


Stop by the courts or the tomb of a

brother laid at home,


Hot iron forged in the womb of a

mother made of stone,


Trees and the faun where the

heartless are fleeing,


Geese in the p...

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better daysBig SalLove losttomorrow comingVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Drink to the Alms

entry picture

I miss my home when I’m crashed out in

an autumn for the thrill,


I sit alone in a taphouse at

the bottom of the hill,


Towns ablaze in the white smoke with

bodies heavy on the lot’s grass,


Counting days with knife strokes and

lobbing pennies in a shot glass,


Playing war with bandits as the other

smugglers laugh when able,


Waiting for a challeng...

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analogyBig SalholorimeOld WestVerisimilitude: Volume 1

Nick the Dog

entry picture

Sick of the happy luck sappy in a

daily spell at a solemn table,


Nick was a family mutt happy to be

raising hell like a fallen angel,


Stay blind coming to hopes with bricks to lift

and paid with the human urns,


Canines running the roads with Nick amidst

the shade of the junipers,


Someone passed the building to lick the

cracked brook’s convection,



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Big Salholorimelive and let livemoving onpet lossvengeance

Mohamed Bzeek

entry picture

Away with birds and 40s on a furlough to an office to replay hits,

Today I heard the story of a hero and I wanted to relay this,

When suited with the tar to burrow in a circle with a burnt knife,

A human with a heart of pearl and a world on a turnpike,

Kids in a wheel will arrive hurt with fake fable books and reasons,

If this is real, you defy words and make angels look like demons...

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Big Salcancercollectivededicationelegyholorimekids with cancer

Black Rome

Passion stained and then act ashamed with

homes stacked like they’re cedar,


Gases strained from the acid rain with

Rome black as the reaper,


A bite through the ice when it tries to arise like the

honeyed sounds where snow is,


A scythe in this life with a price for the prize where the

bunnies bounce with no skins,


Try to find lines in the deep with your g...

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American demiseBig SalcorruptionholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Laid to Rest

[Verse 1]

The water on the runways bubbling as it suffers too,

A father at a young age juggling what the mothers do,

Playing dumb, days to duck, memory will come if it blows up the rhyme,

Waking up, take the cut, check to see the son if he woke up on time,

He runs up with a zoom on the one-day smile when,

The sun is in his in room as his son lays silent,

He takes him up his hu...

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Big Salchildren with cancerelegyformer rapholorimeloss

Hoodoo Brown Blues

Hidden with the facts is something out of grasp

in the hidden trees and kola,


Whippings on their backs and cutting off their hands

if they didn’t meet the quota,


Turn the page in the spot ahead of ire where

manic soldiers fear the devil’s ardor,


Rubber slaves were the straw that fed the fire like

Spanish overseers in metal armor,


Discord was passed on to...

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Big SalholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsworld history

The Life - feat. Elaine Luna

To smoke the cedar on a stack of freedom with a hallowed jewel,

I rope the Reaper by his neck and lead him to the shallow pool,

Escape from the wrong pains and then weep where the rain fell,

Awake when we bomb trains but asleep on the same L,

Building in a labyrinth to then laugh when killers come around,

Children in a basket as we pass the pillars underground,

Pines in the sky w...

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Big Salcollaborationsholorime

Pretentious (Fake Poets Are Real People)

To slow the bleeding with a rope’s tweed and then the prick side of me,

I know you’re reading what I wrote even as you sit quietly,

Someone told me that they talk their shit next with hands like old leather,

Comment only on the opposite sex like, “Man, I’m so clever.”

You report anyone’s weed sack to stack up their world’s hurt,

You ignore genuine feedback and lap up the circle jerk...

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Big Salholorimekeyboard warriorspretensionVerisimilitude: Volume 1

"Mohamed Bzeek" by Big Sal

Away with birds and 40s on a furlough to an office to replay hits,

Today I heard the story of a hero and I wanted to relay this,

When suited with the tar to burrow in a circle with a burnt knife,

A human with a heart of pearl and a world on a turnpike,

Kids in a wheel will arrive hurt with fake fable books and reasons,

If this is real, you defy words and make angels look like demons...

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Angels Without FeathersBig Salcharity poetryholorime


The book was ripped and flicked to detours in a debatable, deferential loyalty,

We took a trip and did the research with the oregano essential oil free,

Paid Bowker with a toad and the people with my last tweet,

Eight hours on the road with the needles in my ass cheek,

Sitting on the road a while with footing in descension,

Checking on my profile and looking for pretension,


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big salcancerholorimelong way homeroad tripVerisimilitude: Volume 1


You can take the happy and spike

the government’s lore,

Humans make it manly to fight

another man’s war,

Shun the face of crooks if they

pine for their leaders,

Guns replace books in the

minds of the readers,

Once the page pushed on

behind all the cedars,

Burgers in your panza with the

sweets and the cordials,

Murder is the mantra for the

meats and the morsel...

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Big Salfalse idolsholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

A Chicken Named Girl

Pinewood slabs in the kitchen that stay in the libraries for the

tea and more to then laugh today,


I’m just glad that the chicken tasted the ripe cherries from the

tree before she then passed away,


Rickety boots on brick or beach roofs to stand in a silent storm where the sun’s palatable

rays abound with truth to then see,


Chicory roots or hickory shoots by the dan...

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animalsBig Salholorimepet poetryPressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Review for the Album 'Screaming Blue Murder' - by The Crows of Albion and Ian Whiteley

          The choice to begin the album with the title track set the expectations high and carried its 1970’s vibe throughout the entirety of the first song, and much of the album. The introduction and addition of crows cawing feels like a deliberate attempt to get the listener high on expectation and excitement as Ian recites his lyrics as deftly as he can alter them from poetic form and still ha...

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Big SalIan WhiteleyreviewThe Crows of Albion

The Shining Path

Broken promises made in vain are conning thousands to hate the evil place we’ve seen,

We were hopping islands years before he was hopping houses to escape Pinochet’s regime,

Expectations then arise with no mention of the strong, sightless soldier,

Sent home and packing while unraveled by a stick as the pond ices over.



Hiding behind the mask made of bones, and the Auschwitz de...

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2015-2018Big SalPablo Nerudathrowback poems

Escape from the Dark

Boogeymen in hoodies and with cookies sent to Santa in the

fire escape,


Should we send the pushy into what could be dens of Krampus with the

criers in crates?


Like a jack-in-the-box having a talk with an axe and the moss

when the monsters never seem to stay,


Right on track in the palms handling the knobs if their hands

are across the honored evergreens today,


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big salHolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

REVIEW: "Shhhh!!!! We Don't Talk About That" by Taylor Crowshaw

               Where to start? Well, first and foremost this book is much like a memoir written in rhymes and poetic metre which give their true value when read in succession without setting down the book. The more you read, the more you understand the emotions and mindset behind Taylor’s reasoning in writing this unique piece of literature. Each poem is a single piece of the jigsaw, held together...

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Anthology Reviewbig salTaylor's book

"Megalomania XXV" by Big Sal and Ferris Taylor

A lot of the thickened briar zones with caustic, cryptic, silent gnomes are opportunistic or tiresome when several of the maniacs scream,

Apocalyptic fire stones will want to pick higher cones if competition sires some with megalomaniacs seen,

All the criers fall to liars sprawled with tires in the molten ire with a mama’s grief and fatherless homes,

Walls of fire halt desire, balls, and ...

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Big SalcollaboFerris TaylorTemple of Indomitable Poetry

Stay for a Moment

Winter sent sinners next in defense of dead presidents and Internet’s center page,

Intricate inner wit senses what the timber did – impotent, inner rage!

Pleading Fifth like demons did as reading lifts a reason skipped and why kill days if they’re broken?

Even if I’m leading this to freezing cliffs where Eden is, I’d still stay for a moment.


Say that we’re hoping for a lake and an...

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big salRhymes galoretop notch

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