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Jingle Jangle

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Jingle Jangle


Jingle jangle go the coins in my pocket

As they fall through the hole

Worn by austerity

Jangle jingle go the gems on the necklace

As they hang from the necks

Worn by the royals

Jingo jungle go the voices of the right

As they spew out their racist

War mongering rhetoric


Jingle jangle goes the freshly minted coin

With a royal on the front


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I don't do new year
there is a lot of noise here
none of it is mine

when the chimes kick in
auld lang syne hands are unlinked
as phones point skywards

cascading fireworks
fall on lost souls in doorways
where poverty lies

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Resolution #9

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Resolution #9

A cascade of sparks
exploding in the blackness
of a revellers sky
like bright tears.

Crying for the homeless
sat where the light
doesn’t fall,
under archways,
behind garages,
in cardboard boxes.

Damp and cold
while a flaming wheel
greets the crescent moon
as it circles.
A metaphor
of the turning year.

Out with the old and needy,
in with the bright young thin...

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