Jingle Jangle

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Jingle Jangle


Jingle jangle go the coins in my pocket

As they fall through the hole

Worn by austerity

Jangle jingle go the gems on the necklace

As they hang from the necks

Worn by the royals

Jingo jungle go the voices of the right

As they spew out their racist

War mongering rhetoric


Jingle jangle goes the freshly minted coin

With a royal on the front

And a joke on the back

Jangle jingle goes the money for the hospitals

That we’ll spend on making

Rich people richer

Jingo jungle go the little England sheep

As they bleat out their mantra

For keeping Johnny Foreigner out


Jingle jangle goes the money in the kitty

Jangle jingle go the bells of Westminster

Jingo jungle goes the chant at the party

That celebrates every man being an island

brexit daycelebrationjingoismmeaningless celebrationwaste of money

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Martin Elder

Wed 15th Jan 2020 09:05

You have nailed Ian
Nice one mate

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Don Matthews

Tue 14th Jan 2020 22:12

Jingle jangle I'm a little bell
Jangle jingle I'm dinging in reverse
Jingo jungle wot's going on?
Jungo Bungo ditty's getting worse

Ding dong bong dong....

Thankyou for inspiration Ian...


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th Jan 2020 19:49

Wondered where you'd got to. Thought you may have been nicked
on some protest or other! 😐

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Tue 14th Jan 2020 17:23

Like it. Well put.

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