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Our Pain

Our pains - there are many kinds;
Some of body. Some of mind;
And so when we feel distressed
In many ways it is expressed.  

With body pains we scream or shout; 
And let people know what it's all about;
So they understand just how we feel,
As tis often short and soon will heal.

But our mind's problems are complex,
As they may have some strange effects.
And with such troubles we may retre...

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Mental ilnessPainStuart VannerTroubles




Glancing from window

Into soft white snow wrapping

Signs of spring?


Long yellow catkins from twisted hazel

Where remains of distressed thoughts hung

Decaying yet diminishing as troubles often do


Frozen pond where jelly spawn from

Spent dead frogs was now protected

Ready to emerge as warmth re-appeared.


Tender plants pausing 


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