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the vegetable man

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the vegetable man

the vegetable man proclaims his entrance
in a voice as crisp as iceberg lettuce
the aroma that surrounds him is as pungent
as stewed cabbage on a grey cloudy Monday
children cross the road to avoid him
in his coconut overcoat and jaunty aubergine hat

the vegetable man has cauliflower ears
that dribble cheddar cheese sauce
the hair that hangs from his grimy head
is t...

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brain injurycharactermanoutcaststream of consciousnesstrampvegetable


I am the one you kick cans at as you pass me in the street.

I am the one with the dirty hair and the scruffy clothes.

I am the one you cower from and snarl at as you pass my feet.

I am the one you pretend you can’t hear or blatantly ignore as I mutter ‘Spare change please’.


I was like you once I had a home, a family a smile. Now I have my dog.

I fought for the country ...

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army dayscoldfearobliviontramp

Shiva, found in a Liverpool alleyway

Traipsing through an alley,
between bins of shit and ash
you saw him sat in a lotus repose.

You knew it was him because
of his locks: tangled and ancient.
A sadhu unknowing of any observers.

You could see the great Ganges,
squalid and yellow, trickle then pour
from the leg of his trousers.

Like the sage he was,
the dishevelled ascetic, misplaced
in his concrete wilderness,


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