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Springing My Step

following a floating
dandelion seed parachute dancing
on a friendly breeze,
grass-stained shoes

off to the left,
waxy purple, red, yellow, and pink tulips
caressing the nose with exotic perfumes
buzzing life
the odor of heating moist black soil
is airing a greening report of
fertilizing capacity

the sunning
and me






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Mother Earthspring feverspring season

Genesis Season

This genesis season brought green back in style.
The cut-grass aroma rides with lilting breezes,
While rainy-day gray hints at an orange smile.
And the lyric rose robin and chickadee teases.
For the transition to a blazing gold summer,
Roasting weather makes all work a bummer.
While volatile plans cause dizzy sun-fever,
And ray-bathing people forget how to cover.

Carrying waxy pollen, th...

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season cyclespring season

The Spring Let Them Sing

Petals coloured beside the sunlight

solace to my eager eyes,

watching germination

into the season familiar:

feet tracing the wet grass

soft and pacing, in the harmony of chirping birds,

liberated- for the spring let them sing.

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spring season

Imminent Equinox

Subtle signs are showing

That springtime's almost here

Though winter wind still blowing

Birds sing with chirpy cheer

Trees standing there half naked

Grow costumes of budded leaf

Mother nature refills

That which has

Been taken

From a cold hearted winter thief

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close to naturesoonspring season

Light - O'- Love

In this cold spring

where the rain nudges unsettled


let's cuddle beneath the half-moon

where the stars burst with laughter 

at night

---and the midnight absorbs the scent of our warmth.

Let's take off our clothes
and fix the broken warmth of our thighs;
it is not an illusion, we need each other.


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spring season


By: Mirza Sharafat

Khushboo se mehakta aisa hi sansaar hota
ye mosam mere yaha har baar hota

tujhe manaana baar baar sirf hunar hai mera
tera roothna phir kis qadar dushwaar hota

tu kar chuka hai soda emaan ka, ehsaas ka
bawajood iske tu kabhi sharamsaar hota

fakhr e talwaar wo, qatil e kufaar hota
youm e ashoor hamrah Hussain ke Mukhtaar hota

tu haar chuka hai baazi Sharafat ki...

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spring seasonlongingsulkyemotionssentimentsashamedmuharramashuraimam hussainhazrat mukhtaararmybloodshed

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