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The Dancing Light Of Candles

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The Dancing Light Of Candles


Flickering shadows cast upon the night

Phantoms leaping on oak panelled walls

Where the final breath of evening gently falls

The white and orange glow of candlelight

Will soothe the nervous child and ease his fright

Or so your aged memory recalls



There is no more a sweet magical sight

Than darkness where a defeated demon ...

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Simple Pleasures

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Simple Pleasures


A quiet corner of the room,

curtains drawn to the night,

the gentle glow from simple lamp

that casts a magic light,

a book opened, page twenty three,

with hundreds yet to read,

the urgent ticking of the clock

muffled, paid no heed.


A glass of something warming

and shortbread on a plate,

the crackle of a fire

that dances in the grate,


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