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Hostage To My Own Inertia

In the world of friendly strangers...

Often we are victim to ignorant dangers...

We sulk back and wonder what next,

Stuck between apprehensions and moment changers...

Alas! I am a hostage to my own inertia.


Faces when I see, and those eyes that wait...

I ask myself if they speak or interrogate...

My state of mind puts a word of caution;

In my ears unknown voices reverb...

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DiffidenceNo changeself-confidence

Fickle and Afraid

People born unequal is a matter of life,
The seeds of despair are set to ripen beneath the full moon.

Arrogance flourishes from the talent of the few,
Oh how they stand so tall and watch great flames over small mountains.

Your great starlight showed me a path,
I thought I could see myself in the mirror of your eye,

I see now that you are who I wished myself to be,
Unlimited potential.


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