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The Biff!

The Biff!


I’ve seen it happen anywhere

Rochdale on a pouring down Sunday afternoon

Melbourne on a baking hot Saturday

Featherstone on a cold midwinter Friday night

Sydney on a misty winter Wednesday

The Biff!


At the eruption of a scrumdown wrestle

The stiff arm of a bewitched fullback

As a dancing standoff sidesteps his frame

A punch that comes from the seco...

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We crossed the Chantry Bridge

As the Calder boiled beneath

And a drifting, chilling mist

Hung heavy on the heath

We came from far and wide

Marching all together

To gather at Belle Vue

Despite the dank, inclement weather


There were grandfathers and fathers

There were mothers, daughters, sons

Hand in hand in heavy coats

As the frost caressed ...

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Full Contact

Full Contact


A mighty engine with a human heart,

steam billows from the rolling muscled mass

until the beast unlocks and breaks apart.

Its body parts move swift across the grass.

Two behemoths colliding head to head,

their age old frames rough hewn from tempered steel,

the scars of battle dripping ruby red

yet, win or lose, the wounds will never heal.


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