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Uncomfortably unable to be numb

One more day I wanted

from the moment that you passed

one more conversation

to hear you talk and laugh

a year gone by already

and the void you left remains

this loneliness unbearable 

can't shift this fucking pain.


I tried to drink and smoke myself 

into an early grave

momentary respite from grieving

I still crave

but nothing numbs the feeling

of a paren...

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Weirdly Racist

Weirdly Racist

Not another white nigger!
Was the statement thrown at me
by some un-evolved, knuckle dragging, pissed up mistake of humanity
in a Wetherspoons pub toilet
spreading his intellectual views
I glanced to witness my aggressor
and saw him pissing on his shoes.
I should take him more seriously I thought
after seeing what he'd done
please teach me sir all you have learned

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Tempo of Elements

Tempo of Elements

one beat, nought beat
analogue, binary
in beat, out beat
energy , entropy
in breath, out breath
particle, wavelength
up beat, down beat
radiation, gravity
cold beat, hot beat
black hole, white heat
low beat, high beat
sub-atomic, galaxy
mass beat, speed beat
dark matter, light beam
start beat, end beat
element, complexity
square beat, sine bea...

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