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confessions of a vinyl addict

7 inch 12 inch
45 The look and sound makes me feel alive
Punk, Rock, Reggae and ska
Is the sounds I play from sound systems afarĀ 

The wheel is spinning
This man is grinning
The sound of a good record
Spend money I can't afford
On that one record
Its scratched sometimes
Comes with a hiss
But there isn't a sound I don't miss than this
So when the needle hits the groove
There's no time...

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Quickly the ink spreads, running across the pages.

Making sense within their lines, keeping records through the ages.

Each dotted line and scratched out cross as important as the other,

To fill the tomes with thoughts and dreams, from cover through to cover.

Entire lives and moments can be caught and stored within these bindings,

Academics throughout time had a way to save their fin...

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