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Cyprus Today

Mortar of bile
Pestle of boot.
Greek and
Hatred and
Of beauty.

Of Mosque.
And Church
Lost and gone
Replaced by.
Corruption of Law
Church and soul.

No longer
Stealing sheep.
Or Goat
Stealing pensions.
Property by guile
Constitution ignored.
Laws overridden

Disguised by
Banks and pr...

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Corruptioncyprus advocatesNorth Cyprus

North Cyprus Advocates

Why silent you advocates
Anxiety must burden.
In your happy hours
Spending your monies.
‘Tis not us
You cry.
Water does not ripple
Without a breeze.

The wind carries the message
Groaning it’s truth.
Besmirching your reputation
Exposing your callousness.
Heralding your practice
Of assisting rogues.
To rob and steal
Property fairly purchased.

A gale soon comes
Wind of negligen...

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