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Dear Sigyn

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Dear Sigyn,

you fool.

We both know he doesn’t love you.

Catching the venom meant for his eye,

silent even though he should cry

out in fury at your meddling.


Dear Sigyn,

you fool.

Even the serpent laughs at you.

I’d think your body was through

even if your heart was still into

an idiot’s errand that no one would rue.


Dear Sigyn,

you fool.

The end ...

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We stare across the open field at each other,
Battle is in the air,
One of us is going to Valhalla today.

We charge across the field with spears,
plunging it into the hearts of our kin,
it is too late to ask questions now.

In the midst of battle, I hear your screams
I am anxious to face you, my brother, my blood.

Two brothers meet, on the field of blood, our eyes are full of hate,

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