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Ganesha Says!

This year I am so delighted

Blessed be her the way she is gifted

Appreciate her glow and grandiosity

I am moved by her generosity

She has weaved a magic…

Such a lovely devotee…

Source of fascination, pretty lady Mitha!


तिच्याबद्दल मी आणखी काय सांगू शकतो

अशी एक सुंदर मुलगी आहे

मी देव पुत्र नसतो तर

मी तिच्या मनात कुजबुजली असती

माझे हृदय बरेचदा कसे धडधडत आहे


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mysterious woman

What's Your Name?

What's Your Name?

I've been out to Dovestones walking. On the grassy slope by the woods to the right of the access road I found a letter. Hidden. Written by a goth girl on decaying paper. Past damp, full of holes and three bits of gum stuck to it. It told her story. Lock the tiger up, secure the house, said how down she is. I don't see her name. What's your name my dark angel? There's an envelo...

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