What's Your Name?

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What's Your Name?

I've been out to Dovestones walking. On the grassy slope by the woods to the right of the access road I found a letter. Hidden. Written by a goth girl on decaying paper. Past damp, full of holes and three bits of gum stuck to it. It told her story. Lock the tiger up, secure the house, said how down she is. I don't see her name. What's your name my dark angel? There's an envelope next to the letter which is open. And a colour photo print out. It's her. She's at a Halloween party judging by her pic. In a black witch's pointy hat, long curly black hair (a wig or real?) and a back cloak or jacket. The ink had ran a bit. I can tell she's pretty. As I struggle to read her last letter, other people find me and one looks on as I read your words. I let a kid amongst the group read it. Sometimes the ink fades, the letter has to be tilted to see indentations on it. The kid pieces together the rest of her story I discovered. A girl in their group was told of for breaking a branch. It's obvious she's gone. Why, where, how? What did your friends and family think? Are you hidden in this forest? Did you really do it? Don't do it. From my dream I know the spot where your letter is located. Not too steep. Do I go and look to see if it's there?

Later. I go to your home and find out you're dead. Your room is as you left it. Imagine that...

I'll keep your letter forever.

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