The River & The Sea

A canoe launches into shallowest water

All but a stream

High in the mountains

Forward motion begins

Avoiding rocks

Patiently progress is made

Slowly yet surely

Widening and then

In an instant transformed

A cacophony of noise fills his ears


With long-won skill, he traverses

Shooting onwards


Yet in control

Then calm returns

First signs of civilization

Ducks loudly announce their surprise

This alien intruder into their world

People fish along the banks

He steers a course away from their lines

Some wave hello

Others glare as his wake disturbs the fish

The town is reached

Graffiti he passes

Some is art made loud

Others proclaim allegiance to sports teams

Or unknown gangs

Two worlds co-exist here

Busy road and once busy river


All activity going on

The people seemingly on fast-forward

Few spare him attention

As he breathes traffic pollution

Road left behind as a troubled memory

Into the park

Children wave

Raised paddle in salute

Smiling faces

Running along the banks

Then he’s gone

Park also left behind

Other vessels use this river now

Pleasure boats, luxurious yachts

Gracing the harbour

His canoe tiny amongst the hustle and bustle

Four hours his journey

Travelling with the river

Today she co-operated

Let him pass in peace

He feels even tinier now

As into the sea he paddles

And he never felt so alive

He follows the coastline

Secluded bay

Far from people

Towering cliffs behind him

Canoe dragged upon the beach

Laying in the mid-day sun

Eating at last


Yet at peace

#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

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Tue 17th Nov 2020 07:34

Thank you Julie and Po, much appreciated.

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julie callaghan

Mon 16th Nov 2020 13:01

Thank you. I enjoyed this trip along the river.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 16th Nov 2020 12:32

What a tremendous anagogical piece Dean

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