Stoneproof in Avebury

 “Why I’m not feeling the energy, man?”

Hmmm this has to be a mystery

How does mysterious Avebury

Somehow mysteriously elude me…

Oh how I endeavoured to do the right thing

Even camped but a stones throw from the village

Walk the avenue of standing stones

Ensure I’m within the right energy

Continue around the circle of standing stones

Seemingly it doesn’t matter

Clock or anti-clockwise

Still the identical outcome ensues

Hugging one particularly interesting standing stone

Closely like a long lost friend

Transcendent understanding now?

Nope, apparently I’m immune

I know the site has been messed about with

In the more recent past

Do the stones simply dislike my personal energy?

Who knows?

Paradoxically I adore the village of Avebury

Pub in the middle with well sunk right there inside

Enjoyed many a fine picnic sat amongst the stones

Meditated within the circle

The stones resolutely keep themselves to themselves

Consequently, for me it’s always “No vibes, man”

Yet I always come away feeling better inside

Weird that, hey?

#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

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Tue 24th Nov 2020 07:07

Brightest Blessings Paul

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Paul Sayer

Sat 21st Nov 2020 09:39

Nope Dean not weird at all.

That's what so often happens to most people if they are honest.

Your outcome upon leaving the circle after your intercession tells us a different story entirely.

Let the purple brigade have their 'vibes' we plebs just experience the true bliss they offer us.

Blessed Be.

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