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That Which Autumn Leaves (REPOST with Audio)

something for Halloween and Autumn

That Which Autumn Leaves


The clowns were funny in the ring,

as they joked and tumbled and fell -

but in the camp, after the show,

they made our young lives hell.

Still in their masks of garish paint

and drunk on Vodka shots,

they cut and bruised and beat us,

hatching cruel, twisted plots.


I never saw the demons


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Eater Of Worlds

Eater Of Worlds



Sits in front of a mirror

Smears his face with paint

His sad eyes

Come alive

With rings of black

And the white muzzle

Cracks when he smiles



Paints a teardrop on his cheek

And swigs

From a bottle

Of broken dreams

The hot liquid

Burns his cackling throat

And warms his cold, cold heart




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