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This is my humble commentary on that matchless Middle Eastern and Indian story-book “One Thousand and One Nights”. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's symphonic suite of the same name is the perfect musical accompaniment!




Tell me, Scheherazade, how you fled

the evil emir like a bleeding lion,

his twisting, vengeful face now full with

requieted lust; your wisdom shines


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DEAR DIARY (Mother Nature)


I should have seen this coming – oh the guilt!

I nurtured each of evolution’s steps.

But now I beat my breast – the milk is spilt!

Till this Great Age shall close, I am regret!


I see it now; without the animal

no cerebral extension manifests.

But male potency hears just one call:

the one that I, upon the fool, impressed!


I thought I might slip w...

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One day there will be a city built from the ashes of a nuclear war that killed 3 billion people. A city built to hold a million but they’re all dead ’cause of the war.

So only twenty thousand live there, in defiance of what they have all done.

For Mother Nature will strike them down and take Her revenge against Man,

for what he has done to Her only pear...

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