DEAR DIARY (Mother Nature)


I should have seen this coming – oh the guilt!

I nurtured each of evolution’s steps.

But now I beat my breast – the milk is spilt!

Till this Great Age shall close, I am regret!


I see it now; without the animal

no cerebral extension manifests.

But male potency hears just one call:

the one that I, upon the fool, impressed!


I thought I might slip wisdom in his mind

but reckoned not, with puberty’s advance.

His reconfigured brain: high-culture blind

reached sexual potency – and off he pranced!


As if that weren’t enough, the Bell Curve boob

that I contrived, to give genetic spread

brought forth some – ‘untoward’ – and there’s the rub

the WoeMen: driven women, wished me dead!


They festered in their culture-driven role

until two wars sent men-folk out of sight.

They saw the way now open to their goal

and mannish in demeanour, honed their might.


I watched men shun these Harpies; give short shrift

then WoeMen rounded on their softer kin.

With single-minded physical assault

they ruptured normal life, to force a ‘win’.


My men found women, no more: yin to yang.

But under WoeMan jackboot, as of rote

no longer up for have and hold (and bang)

thus, soon man self-demoted to a scrote.


I am undone: my archetypes defiled.

‘Mother’ and ‘Nature’ have no standing now.

I’ll grow enormous udders – bovine, stalled.

Aspire to be: another bloody cow.

mother naturedoom




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barrie singleton

Sat 26th Oct 2013 23:42

I thought it was PROmotion Isobel! (:o)
I might have got my 'man' and my 'mankind' mixed up. Exceeding our alotted span has certainly thrown a spanner in the works. And countries that still select (one way or another) for boys, are well up the creek. "Man's refusal to die" has a ring to it."
Sorry about the scrote, but the Y chromasome is a knackered X apparently.

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Sat 26th Oct 2013 22:54

You knock these out very fast Barrie - and to order - I'm very impressed with your tight structure and rhyme!

You seem very hooked up on the gender battle though. When I suggested a poem through the eyes of Nature, raging against the excesses of human life, I was thinking more along the lines of man's refusal to die and the resulting over population of the planet.

Still - if you want to demote yourself to a scrote, who am I to argue? ;)

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