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Lufituaeb er’uoy


let your index finger 

gently lift towards her

in one smooth motion


keep your eyes

fixed on hers

let your jitters simmer


open your hand

thumb pointing at your chin

fingers pointing up


roll your fingers across

the front of your face 

in clockwise fashion


like a carousel 

lightly turning

shadows to glimmers


end with your fing...

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Pins Drop

Official now, gone deaf

My ears are out the door

Words no longer hurt me

Speech that used to bore


They first heard my mam

Absorbed a wall of sound

Listened to words of love

From lovers that I found


Recoiled from animosity

Thrilled to airs of Mozart

Stood by when I was cruel

Inflicting a broken heart


Soaked up words of love

Tuned in to Radio One


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Requiem For A Denon

In layers of strata lie the tracks of history

Archaeologists hunt for artefacts and bones

I cut off your flex and buried you with ceremony

Lamenting the demise of your dulcet tones


Sentinel moonlight lit the private interment

Your laser will exhume Miles Davis no longer

Millenia of chords traversed that plastic portal

You left me deaf, my hearing aids get stronger



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