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Heart Of Stone

Heart Of Stone


Medusa couldn’t get a boy

No matter how she tried

She had a go at on-line dating

But on her profile she lied

She was hoping for some desperate lad

Looking for a bride

But when she posted pictures

They would run away and hide


She spends many an hour

Teasing and straightening her snakes

And applying subtle make-up

To up the beauty stakes


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Glam Rock Man

Glam Rock Man


A stack heeled stomp in platform boots

Trowelled make-up and glitter suits

Feather cut hair and tinted roots

It’s Glam Rock, man,
it’s Glam Rock


Teenage Rampage, Ballroom Blitz,

Radio One plays all The Hits

Driving your dad out of his wits

It’s Glam Rock, man,
it’s Glam Rock


Jackie, Smash, Disco Forty Five

What a great time to be alive


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T’was the twenty fourth of February,

eighteen thirty four,

when the Tolpuddle sheriff

came a’knocking at my door.

Served with a warrant

I was swiftly hastened away

for taking an illegal oath

to challenge my meagre pay.


You see we were only paid six shillings a week

for working the squires land,

so we set up a trade union

and in our little band


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