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Lotto Life



It unites us.

This dream

  to have choices.

Whether to work or laze.

Decide our futures

  instead of waiting for opportunity.


The universal language of need

not greed.


We’ve lost control.

Caught up in the flow

   of magazine lifestyle.

The one we desire and reality.


To walk through town

  not asking the price.

Carrying the l...

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A Loan Man stands


Awkwardly in a conference room

Through corrugated glass slats

Cracks reveal stacks

of printer paper, standard size

Promising- so bright and white

And towering

Taller than he

Behind which he hides.


Closes his eyes.

Hand to forehead

Elbow to stack

A prayer recited: "Is it five o'clock yet?"

"Somewhere", he thinks

And ther...

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