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Wicked Game

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I lost
In the wicked game we played;
The distorted rules we make,
The empty words we say,
And the goodbyes in the end of May;

I lost
The lies of February's promise;
And the man I want to love.
Cruel honesty that got us in the beginning, and the only thing that's left for us in the end.

By June, a threat of winter's cold;
It wasn't even close to turn our hearts to stone
A teared hear...

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Chapter 8:Her

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Four years of love that has faded away

The sweet years when I couldn’t wait to see your face

What happened to me? What happened to you? What happened to us?

The happy memories are just photographs that lost their shine


I could never imagine we’d end up this way

After all the things we’ve been through

The screaming fights, The sleepless nights

Now all I want is just to get...

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broken hearted poem

We Stopped Dancing


Why don’t we dance anymore?

Is it because I’m just not easy for you?

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

Move your feet to the exit

And come back when your feelings aren’t hurting


Is this not easy for you?

You can’t dance because your legs are broken in two

I’ll reopen the entrance when I see

You’ve paid your penance  

And like dust...

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broken hearted poem

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