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I am graced

with all virtues from history

my archetype immortalised

amidst this scripture of mystery.


© Katypoetess 2016

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archetypeskatypoetessShadows of Magdalene

Typical Archetypal Archetypes

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Actor Addict Alchemist Anarchist Artist Avenger
Companion Coward Child Clown
Detective Dilettante Dreamer

Eccentric Egoist Elder Elemental Enforcer Explorer

God Gambler
Herald Hermit Hero Healer

Iconoclast Idolater Innovator



Liberator Lover
Magician Masochist Monk Mystic Martyr

Necromancer, Neophyte 

Pilgrim Predator Poet Pioneer
Priest Prince Prophet Provocateu...

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