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An oath is sworn allegiance proud

Some things simply not allowed

Divulging Secrets being one

This forbidden must nay be done


Higher through the ranks I climb

The steeper incline do I find

Till vertical the graph becomes

My promotion seemed finally done


Chevrons blazing on my sleeve

Innocent then and quite naive

My pips qu...

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Foot Soldier

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Foot Soldier.

We were sent to fight a war
that we didn’t believe in,
knowing that there would be
civilian casualties.
Paid a pittance
to be on the front line
facing hostiles every day.
Privately hating
the faceless generals
who stayed hidden
in the bunkers
giving their orders.

Many were wounded,
left for dead,
injured in ways
that civilians
wouldn’t understand -
because some ...

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the empty bus that used to bring you home

the empty armchair

the empty bed.


the empty tears


the empty perfume bottle

that they could fill


the empty dreams

the empty vows

the empty promises

to empty children


empty politicians

with their empty lies

of empty threats

from WOMD

just empty rooms


empty orders to...

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