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A - Z of Sex

A is for anal, hard and fast

B is for bareback, cock sailing full mast.

C is for cum cannon shot, orifice ahoy,

D is for my dick, your favourite sex toy.


E is for ecstasy as I suspend you tantrically,

F is for fuck, no time for romantically.

G is for gag as you're gasping for air,

H is for the hard on I'm rocking downstairs.


I is for insatiable, ...

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Alphabet Soup

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ALPHABET SOUP A is for apple, all juicy and ripe. B is for bottle, all shiny & bright. C is for chocolate, all tasty & nice. D is for doggy, with bright, sparkly eyes. E is for egg, with a nice runny yolk. F is for friends and other nice folk. G is for games, all happy and fun. H is for home, when your dinner is done. I is for igloo, a house made of snow. J is for jelly, all co...

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Sweet Is The Word

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M is the mother of my children, strong & fair. A is the answer, because she's always there. R is the romance, the reason & the right. G is the girl I come home to every night. A is the anchor, to keep us safe at bay. R is the ring that I gave her one fine day. E is the elation & excitement we enjoy. T is for tomorrow, I look forward to with joy DPS Aug 2009


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