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A green bud breathing in,

say welcome to your kin,

a promising prospect of evolution,

let it grow as it makes a revelation.


Opening up to the world surrounding,

potential no longer withholding,

a mechanism of nature working its magic,

as mesmerising as a smoldering wick.


Green gives way to different colors,

reaching out tenderly are vivid petals,

blooming be...

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eerie mystery

A droplet rolling down a leaf,

a ray of sunshine lighting the way,

rain clouds coating the sky in gray,

all of it beautiful beyond belief.


In the distance a drawn out howl,

the night gives all a nocturnal cowl,

hiding in the shadows,

a quiet danger grows,

waiting for an opportunity,

a made-up monstrosity.


Both begin in an eerie forest,

it all depends on t...

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flow of corruption

Alabaster towers rise to the azure sky,

breaking the clouds above a sprawling cityscape,

carved statues line the streets of no escape,

drawing you in no matter how hard you try.


Every day becoming a little sparser,

for this civilization has lost its grandeur.


Gasping for a breath of inspiration,

hell has met the entire ancient nation.


Ill-formed decisions bro...

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holding on

Broken sensations flood the brain,

attempting analysis would be in vain,

a relentless emotional maelstrom,

wreaking havoc in the mind’s kingdom.


The weather has settled,

a calm both before and after a storm,

stuck in a time loop,

ashen nimbi gather around with scorn.


A shattered refraction pierces the veil,

unveiling islands in various shades of gray,

paths ...

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A cloud hanging above me,

black and thick like a pool of tar,

I don’t think I can go very far,

all I can muster is simply be.


Skeleton with a coat of sinew and flesh,

the same wounds keep opening up as fresh,

this existence is mostly void of joy,

the little there is feels like a ploy.


Can’t stop pondering death,

maybe it’s all a waste of breath,

too numb to ...

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Embers flicker and glow,

taking things nice and slow,

breaking out of it’s cold prison,

a remnant of unwanted ignition.


Breathing in the outside air,

licks of flame reach and dare,

slightly heated in their struggle,

as the arsonist starts to giggle.


No longer easily contained,

angry torrents flutter in orange,

roaring for attention enraged,

burning all wi...

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confused poem by a confused mind

Trying to function but my brain's on the grind,

trying to end me, I won't give up,

in my head an enemy, chaining me up,

stuck in this conscience losing my mind.


Reflections broken, looking away,

this existence brings mostly just pain,

the beautiful moments scatter to gray,

I'm just one person, both Abel and Cain.


Wandering aimlessly looking for purpose,

I dream...

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