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Winter fades as spring melts

Distant snow like gleaming candles

Waiting feverishly for

Golden flames of sunlight

Dancing in the summer sun


Racing clouds nod to

Gleeful birds gliding naked and mating

Straddled to wet and swooning trees

Delirious with laughter and primal need


While butterflies fly sweetly

Soft as breath on stone

Cool ice melting fingers


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loveSeasons changesummer

Winter knows

Spring had sprung

Butterflies in

Her tum

Followed by

Summer's overwhelming

Heart melting sun

But then

The fall

In love?


Not at all?


Winter's snow

Truely knows

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Love stagesSeasons change

Seasonal Variations

The changing colour of the seasons

Can life get any better than this?

Reflecting through all the reasons

Of why we came to exist

The midlife comparisons of autumn

As we're reaping our rewards

Fear of the chill in winter

Will we survive old age

Or be ignored?

As we look back to

The growth of spring

When all was so fresh 

And new

To the warmth and heat

That ...

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lifeNaturepoetrySeasons change

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