Winter fades as spring melts

Distant snow like gleaming candles

Waiting feverishly for

Golden flames of sunlight

Dancing in the summer sun


Racing clouds nod to

Gleeful birds gliding naked and mating

Straddled to wet and swooning trees

Delirious with laughter and primal need


While butterflies fly sweetly

Soft as breath on stone

Cool ice melting fingers

Touched by throbbing summer

Waking sheathes of green and golden grass


Deer come out

To lie in cooling shades and

Foxes roam gravel roads that

Rise and fall in summer heat as

Metal cars roar

And squirrels flee from

Rock and roll laughter


And young hair flies in breezes whipped and

Twisted chasing tail and young girls

Scream and young men coo and metal cars fade

And summer hangs


And lovers retire in thick bushes to

Muss their hair and fold their clothes

And sigh and twist

And pass the summer staring

At old men picking garbage while


Squirrels gossip, brown ponds splash

And quiet haze gives way to autumn's

Crisp brown empty spirits leaving

To move back and strip their heads


As mothers fume and gossip forms

And eyebrows lift

The autumn breeze approaches

Aimless wanderers

Who wander off to feed and sleep

On distant mountains


The wind gathers teeth

And rain approaches

Arching its back to send curtains

Flying while someone laughs and

Someone whispers

And lovers stand like frozen icicles

Before irate fathers


And raindrops fall and men flee and

Birds fly and frogs sleep and

Foxes burrow and

Classrooms eyes nod sleepily


And inside tender childlike bodies

Beautiful babies

Are waiting to be born



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