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These Boys

For all the Sunderland fans out there... Aw, just me then! ūüėÜ

(one last push)

Hold on! 



Wanting the ball?

This definitely 

Isn't Sunderland at all!

Youth and vigour 

Playing as a TEAM!

Where's the journeymen 

And the greedy has-beens?

These are just younguns 

They can't do owt

Especially now that 

Ross ain't about!

Hold on


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A Calling

The lads have escaped league 1 at last! ūüėĀ A little poem I did pre game.


Can you hear them?


The shipbuilder's hammer

The picks upon the seams

Drifting up from glories past

Still harbouring foretold dreams 


The whispering of legends

Still bleeding red n white 

The time is here, the time is now

Time to put things right!


The Roker Roar still lingers


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As football poems always do well on here...?

I thought I'd torture you with this one I wrote about the best club in England ?


On Sunderland docks 

They riveted iron & steel 

In surrounding villages 

Whirred the pulley wheel 


Graft and toil made 

The industrial North East 

Sweat and blood spilled 

All with little release 


But teaching minds resolved 


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