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The Sky Reflects Our Labours

Who can identify the town that is the primary focus of this lament?


The Sky Reflects Our Labours

Her calloused hands and tired eyes,

are grey and wet and green and steely;

her gaze is stoic, and often flinty

at the JobCentre counter, as her future dies.


The grey-blue smoking ramparts march,

graven beyond the terracotta houses;

their Wellsian vision of War arou...

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Not old enough to vote or wed

or give consent,

but old enough to be transferred                   

by men to men;



Not old enough to drive a car,

have overdrafts or credit cards,

but old enough to be exchanged;




Not old enough to live alone or own a home,

but old enough to be deceived;

to be perceived as third and four...

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