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Literature Legacy; The Conceptualism of Syntactic Advancement

Literary, a mental structure I abide by so strictly, because I’m often aggravated if people use the wrong words in sentences when the practice is elementary.

I force feelings to words while so many keep in the current of an intangible gist, to which they might feel, or they might solely be on the hunch that life is dissolving matter. I do so in order to easily combat what my mind wants to enfo...

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Governmental Outcries


Governmental Outcries

The True Minority Report

Hush, hush, hush over a black shoebox… tap twice and watch the back flips, tap once and listen to the evil shit, tap trice to know who’s really controlling it. Let see… we got dreadlocks however we not a rasta, we have great supernatural objections towards the pollutions of cults, against our will, we was baptized as a catholic, howe...

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Fictitious Notions of a Person The Divine Beings We Are

Fictitious Notions of a Person

The Divine Beings We Are

A forgotten thought on knowing the natural self, as a child we remember a conversation with other children in regards of our being. Often their statement was you are very strange? Some even jokingly stated you not human…in agreement with their sentiments we stated back in an affirmed replied… yes we are not human. Enforced by corpo...

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