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November Collage poem: Grim but Good

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From spaceships of harmony

Into the fires of Hell

Mouldy undertaking no more


A trodden mind, angry in the Nut Bar

I need more than seven words, please


Neil Young – grim and grizzled –

Summoned by starship –

Says he can’t go because of his terrible I.B.S.


Drinking tears to dry up the well, pointless

Advertising tissues then.


She wasn’t always fifty ...

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November 2016 Collage Poem: Forking Paths

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Sand to page to gentle water

Grey on grey you greasepaint dogs

Cold spirits recorded: lists of names


Swans are swathed in chiffon

Whilst bombs kill buildings:

The art of war

Casked in delights

Of stale Big Mac meals


I don't like bringing religion

Into this but Jesus said to the sick

'Take up your beds and walk!' Well I say

'Put down your blades and talk!'


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