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Let’s Break the Evening up

Let’s break the evening up

Because they’re fighting,

You in the red corner

Fighting with the sheets

Wrestling the nightmares

Shouting at people

In your sleep



Let’s break up the evening

Because you’re fighting



Out for the count

The memories and sorrows

(or whatever they were)

Turn off the light

And your despair



Let’s bre...

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Night sleep terrors fearNightmares




Have a goodnight,

Everything would be alright,

No matter the life situation, be little or a might,

Future would be like a shining star - very bright,

Like the dark black space, illuminated by a tiny powerful light (white),

When the mind is heavy, have a deep breathe N Smile to make mind a bit light,

Among the Mind's Right or Wrongs Fight,

With ...

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anxious nightblissgoodnightNight sleep terrors fear

Night Terrors

Night Terrors





In a corner of the yard

against moss-lined red brick

chimes dance





straddling the mattress' width

I peep through

frayed-at-the-edges blinds


I witness nothing

yet catch sight of a figure


down the ginnel

striding with intent

over centuries old co...

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Night sleep terrors fear

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