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Britannia in Cloaca Maxima Est-Britain's in the Sewer

He’s risen! To Christendom everywhere, it’s been announced,

A victory for the poor and downtrodden, evil’s been trounced;

That crucified carpenter’s son did not suffer in vain,

Said the Archbishop-who’d sided with slanderers, dealers of pain.


But the tool-maker’s son does not care about justice and light,

Nor turds in the Thames, nor nurses, nor the school-teachers’ plight;


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Never Mind the Bollocks!

She’s too white!

He’s too ginger!


She’s too rich!

He’s too rich!


She’s too black!

He’s too white!


She’s too slim!

He’s too fat!


She’s not white enough!

He’s not fair haired enough!


She’s not black enough!

He’s not auburn enough!


She’s not rich enough!

He’s not rich enough!


I’m not rich enough,

‘Cos I don’t write...

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