Britannia in Cloaca Maxima Est-Britain's in the Sewer

He’s risen! To Christendom everywhere, it’s been announced,

A victory for the poor and downtrodden, evil’s been trounced;

That crucified carpenter’s son did not suffer in vain,

Said the Archbishop-who’d sided with slanderers, dealers of pain.


But the tool-maker’s son does not care about justice and light,

Nor turds in the Thames, nor nurses, nor the school-teachers’ plight;

From the gutter as low as the Tories, his dog-whistle sounds,

Hey you-white Christian boys in bleak northern towns!


See, our paedophile poster; vote for the tool-maker’s son,

That way to the refugee hostel, break windows, have fun;

Murdochian spewers of filth, are now in full flow.

Britannia’s now sinking to a new and despicable low.



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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 17th Apr 2023 11:25

Thanks to all for the likes.

Thanks Stephen.
I'm reminded of the admiration which the British National Party had, for (Dame?) Margaret Hodge's "Dogwhistle" to the racists, (also, her former support for the South African Apartheid regime-from which she made a considerable fortune).

Hodge announced she would fight for:
“a local housing policy that privileged the legitimate sense of entitlement felt by indigenous families over the legitimate needs demonstrated by new migrants”, effectively adopting the language of the BNP, and demonstrating she had very little, if any, empathy for migrants and refugees.
The BNP said of Hodge:
'Labour MP Margaret Hodge deserves a word of compliment from the BNP for her efforts to raise the thorny issue of social housing for native Britons, an issue that has been in our manifesto for years
The BNP said on its website: 'Britain is full and there is no more room for any economic migrants, whatever language they speak, what religion they practice and what they look like.'

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 10th Apr 2023 17:29

A point well made, Uilleam. It looks like a rather sick own goal.
Some teenage scribblers have got to go, I reckon.

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