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90% polyester

still twentieth century visits
Camp Majesty
bending tungsten
satin sash title fighter hooks
smoking green grass burners
uniting tight-fitting lap-sitting women
industrial tribunal metal pin tattoo brainwashed art  
money dragging gifted arm

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Pure Ecstasy

It started out basic, 
the way any friendship does 
but inside each new day 
it grew and grew. 
Such a burn in my soul 
makes my feet itch 
and the heart does yearn 
to be with you. 

So nervous you make me, 
ecstatic too. 
Makes me so shy, 
makes the heart cry, 
makes my mind wild,
such a drive inside.
My soul soars 
at the sound of your words. 
A voice so divine 

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desirepassionLyrics. Poetry


Feeling stuck in the miry clay

What good is a pair of legs 

If I can't walk away

(Can't walk away)


But if I stay here today

There is no hope for tommorow

What else is there left to do

But to spread my wings 

And fly away

( And fly away)

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Lyrics. Poetry

Late night habits

Late night habits 

late nights have me

Awake, I'm awake

In the middle of the night

Eating whatever I can get my hands on

Ice- cream, chocolate, hot dogs, hot sauce

Wiping tears from my cheeks

Are thee from joy or sorrow?

My life is bleak 

So that's a rhetorical question


I'm the fat, four eyes, bow legged geek

In short, I'm freak

Get picked on everyday of th...

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Lyrics. Poetry

Are Lyrics Poetry?

Whether this is a controversial view I don't know. But over the years many have called the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and even Paul Weller Poets because of the content of their song lyrics. I personally do find many of the latter two songs inspiring and poetry like 'That's Entertainment' by Paul Weller and 'Imagine' by John Lennon are two good examples.

I once had a manager who managed tho...

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