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Around the shadowed corner, wicked lies,
Through telescopic lens and focussed eyes.
The autumn trees encapsulate the path
And crunch beneath the wheels they idolise.

The building crowds descend before the knoll
To catch a glimpse of this passing idol.
He, showered from all sides with the applause
And peppered from above by seasons fall.

Idyllic is this scene to which he greets,
As smiling f...

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President Kennedy

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President Kennedy, won’t you come back to me

Tell me all you know,

Tell me about Marilyn Monroe


Tell me about Oswald, Ruby and J Edgar Hoover,

The CIA and their secret manoeuvres

Tell me about Dealey Plaza and the Dallas motorcade

Tell me about Elm Street and your final wave


President Kennedy, won’t you come back to me

Tell me all you know,

Tell m...

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