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The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my show," said a female stage medium. She was on the stage of a  small theatre somewhere in Melbourne
"I am Kelly Anne Cross, I am here to entertain you tonight," said the stage medium.
"Hope she does well! It was nice your dad giving her his theatre for the night," said Liz Alexander the wife of the theatre's owner's son.
"Yes me too," said her husband Lance.

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Arts Of Stone

The vicar was doing renovations

His churchyard wall needed repair

A pile of waste stone remained

Who took it he didn't seem to care


My share made a fine rockery

Planted with Alpine flowers

There in the moonlight it lies

Above it a yew tree towers


How those stones seem to glow!

Do I hear church bells at night?

I've drawn the conservatory curtains

Those roc...

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The Seer

Warning, not for the light hearted, contains very strong poetry concerning the darker side of seeing.


Thought I may aswell open with something dark and hard hitting, take the warning seriously though and be aware the Poem is about true life experience.


Please feel free to post comment/ critique.   





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