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The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my show," said a female stage medium. She was on the stage of a  small theatre somewhere in Melbourne
"I am Kelly Anne Cross, I am here to entertain you tonight," said the stage medium.
"Hope she does well! It was nice your dad giving her his theatre for the night," said Liz Alexander the wife of the theatre's owner's son.
"Yes me too," said her husband Lance.
"I sense darkness," said the medium.
"She's found you!" joked Liz.
"Very funny Liz," said Lance.
The medium left the stage looking for the dark soul.
"This is interesting I wonder if she's a real medium!" said Lance amused.
The medium walked to Lance.
"The darkness is here," said the medium.
"That can't be right!" said Lance teasing her.
"I am you are possessed by a demon!"  the medium said.
"Surely not a demon!" said Lance.
"I see death and darkness and a sword covered in blood," said the medium.
"She's good," said Lance in his wife's head.
"She is," replied his wife in his head. They were sorcerers.
"Fear not I will exorcise the evil from you!" said the medium.
Lance was very amused his soul was a grim reaper called the Necromancer.  He was noted for his work acting as an avenging angel killing people who Fate deemed too bad to live. Humans saw him as a serial killer.
Lance stood exploding into flames a simple sorcerer's trick.
"No you won't," said Lance playing along with her.
"Begone demon let this man be free of you!" said the medium.
"Begone yourself!" Lance hissed.
"Am the keeper of the light I demand you begone," said the medium.
Lance knew she was lying trying to trick him he knew there was no such thing.
In his hand appeared a blazing sword a simple prop he made appear out of thin air he was really having fun.
"I am the keeper of the flaming sword you go!" lied Lance wondering how far she'd go.
She pulled out a cross and shoved it in Lance's face.
Lance screamed.
"Begone you foul spirit!"  she cried out.
Lance disappeared into thin air.
"What have you done!" cried Liz scared in spite of her being in on the trick.
"That's wrong that should have got rid of the demon, not the man," said the puzzled medium.
"You have killed my husband!" cried Liz.
"I am so sorry but the man was possessed I didn't know this would happen!" said the medium.

Elsewhere in the afterlife world.  A grim reaper walked out the cupboard of the king of the grim reapers. He walked into an office where sat the king signing papers. He saw the Necromancer and greeted him with "Hello son how have you been? How did the show go?"
"Oh good I've just been exorcised by your medium at your theatre!" said the Necromancer.
"Why?" asked the king.
"I have a dark soul!" said the Necromancer.
"A reaper soul?" asked the king.
"No the Necromancer," said the Necromancer.
"Oh that forgot you were a psychopath for a moment!" said the king.
"I'm not a psychopath I'm an avenging angel," said the Necromancer.
"Whatever you say, psychopath!" said the king.
"Dad!" snapped the Necromancer.

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