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Pumping fast to the heart
Skin feeling warm
To the touch
Inside and out, love flowing
It's flowing
Into your veins
Another day,
An offer,
Of a blanket on the grass
Your love in a cup
The warmth on our skins
Under the sun, like you planned
Time and time
I've stopped my demands
Always promised
Always empty
If I were a substance
Could I get your love

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April 2021 

This train will stop 
When you get off 
Till then keep riding 

Round in circles you go 
Around a track, never ending 
Till you get off and go 

Filling your veins 
With things of all kinds 
Caffeine and cigarettes, 
They'll do just fine 

Fill your lungs 
With every kind of poison 
And stare out the window longingly 
Wondering why life stays the same 

If it's sta...

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drug addiction

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