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Pubbing & Clubbing (late 60s / early 70s)


The pulsating beat

searing into your head

like a hot poker


The stench of stale beer

on a smoke-laden atmosphere


Clinking glasses

Euphoric screams

Skull-piercing strobe lighting


Empty condom machines

in toilets lit by ultraviolet

to deter drug users




Pimps & Posers



gelatine-haired youths


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One Night Stand

entry picture

I see the dark side of the dance floor tonight

It looks like an abyss with disco lights

A sea of bodies losing all sense of function

To the sounds of groovy beats and cosmic rhythms.


You’re standing there like you are waiting for me

A sweet little devil dress- tight black.

Diamond heels and ruby red lipstick

You are the type of trouble I am looking for.


This dance...

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Weekend Quest

entry picture

Good morning campers

 Time for more ramblings from my mind, spewing forth on the page like a student at a house party. Something a bit more story based from me this time, Inspired by a recent trip to Berlin and a simply amazing club called Weekend. I think the poem tells you everything else you need to know.


Weekend Quest

Low lit square at 3AM
Carriage pulls up
Exchange made...

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