Weekend Quest

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Good morning campers

 Time for more ramblings from my mind, spewing forth on the page like a student at a house party. Something a bit more story based from me this time, Inspired by a recent trip to Berlin and a simply amazing club called Weekend. I think the poem tells you everything else you need to know.


Weekend Quest

Low lit square at 3AM
Carriage pulls up
Exchange made with operator
Exit metal box
Stumble over curb
Cross the line into unknown

Shock abound as que discovered
Orderly but cagey
Snaking across the plaza
Empty bottles and plastic bags
Cigarretes discarded
Human magpies clean the path

Door approached
Heart shudders
Temple guardian speaks
"Wie viele"?
Relief as waved through

Another deal made
Hand stamped with icon
Continue towards Elevators
Bellboy ushers in
Sick in stomach
12th floor reached

Metal waves part
Noise erupts
Hands held to mould through tight crowd
"To the bar then the roof"
The roof?
Purchase made and then to stairs

Climbing ebony passage
Out of breath after an eternity
Portal opens
Step out into cold
More breath lost as faced with stunning view
Berlin at 4AM from the 15th floor balcony

Over dark and brooding skies
Slowly light creeps
Behind foreign cityscape
Rooftop chill ignored
The beauty of the morning
Enough to warm the mind

Thud of bass from nearby space
Throng of accents unknown
Smell of alcohol hangs on breath
Scent of smoke fills the air
Music fuels emotion
Bodies move in unison

Door re-entered
Our very beings smashed
With the heavy air
And engulfing heat
Like dodgems in a fairground
Toward the floor we move

People scream as beats resume
Crowd assembled tight
Gestures of appreciation made
Hands swim in the atmosphere
Sun rises behind the stage
Euphoric state acheived



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