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Sky Dancer

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Sky Dancer

On a high wire she balances with

strong legs - a sturdy foundation.

Big toes grip the metal string

feeling her way along the fine line.

In moments of uncertainty, legs shake

as balance compromised, waving

steady arms straight out, knowing if

she fails, the safety net will wrap secure.

Sky Dancer isn’t scared of the landing,

she’s terrified of the fall...


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Art is the SparkcircusFMFPoemSkyDancertightrope


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I swapped four solid walls for the Big Top

tent, seduced by the Ring Master’s red coat.

His smile dazzled my eyes, silver tongue

promised to transport my heart & soul

so I grabbed his hook, was lifted high above

the crowd, posed with one leg bent, foot

thrust forward full of confidence – secure,

instead of carefully climbing to the platform.

The ascent is slow, m...

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All The Pretty Ones Are ExhibArt Is The SparkARTIST:Jessica McCallumFMFPoemRingmasterTrapeze

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