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Love’s presence 16

How I feel I can't find the words or ryhmes. Wouldn't be enough paper, wouldn't be enough lines. It started by means of nature and magical fate, a perfect time, an unforgettable date. You've taken my heart, my mind and my soul. Everything I knew and believed  I've parted and let go .

 I want it all, I want us to grow, I need to trust, I need to know. Your eyes take me to a content home of dream...

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Inner Voices

"You aren't good enough"

"You're going to fail"

"You are useless"

"You are nothing"

"You're all alone"

Can't stand the murmurs

Hateful voices

Inside my head

Twisting the words of others into cruilty

Only the hurtful messages make their way through

Struggling to find the light

Hands only grasp at emptiness

Darkness creaps in

My voice is fading

Only their wo...

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Time changes everything

Time nurtures a sprout to grow into a magnificent tree

Time rips apart our flesh until the earth can reclaim it

...Time heals wounds

...Time tortures souls

A small child broken into pieces hides behind a false face...

...each time the mask becomes cracked, another is placed upon it

Retreating into oneself

The outer layer, a strong beautiful woman


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It was formed from clay and strengthened by the fires of my life.

I was proud of it...

I was cautious with it...

I guarded it with everything that I am...

Until someone convinced me to give it to them.

They did not value it as I did

They were not careful

They should not have been trusted

Time and time again they would drop it...toss it aside...break it...

Each time leavi...

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Shadow Person

Watching humanity through an impenetrable shroud

Too far to hear their joys and sorrows

Too close to not yearn to accompany them in their fun

Everyone moves to their own tune

A song not meant for my ears

A wisthul hand reaches out in vain

Clenches nothing as the world moves just outside my grasp once again

Unable to tell if their eyes simply do not see me or if they choose not...

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Haiku #220

Close the door slowly
Be quiet as you’re leaving
And turn out the lights

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